HU What is special about the Sandraglass products?
Sandraglass is specialized in designing and producing graphic glass for interior surfaces and furnitures for both private homes and public institutions. It adapts its products to every kind of exclusive needs by mixing manufactured technics and industrial technologies. The glass is more and more popular as an alternativ solution replacing waterproof building material [for kitchen, bathroom, swimmingpool, sauna…]. The benefits of this innovating design element are the light structure and the invisible and easy joining at the ceiling or footing. Combining the Sandraglass graphic glass with an appropriate hidden white or coloured light system, it offers a large variety of style [classic, rustic…] Its multilayered graphic glass is unique in the expression of 3D effects. What is the difference between a laminated glass and the Sandraglass products? Sandraglass mixes technics in order to enhance the visual impact. The graphic glasses are laminated, sandblasted, painted… An illustration applied on a crystal clear glass with a simply laminated layer is less effective because of the big quantity of light that goes through it. The light reduces the colours intensity and pastel shades literrally disappear. Thanks to the mixing technics not only the colours are brighter but the visual effects are stronger [ex: 3D effect] even with a one layered-glass. Possibilities multiply in terms of design and visual result by using multilayered glass [ex: thermal glass] but that requires a bigger budget. What does the Sandraglass LCD glass mean?
The speciality of LCD glass is the capacity of changing its appearance by reacting to electric pulses. The originally transparent glass becomes an opaque and white surface that Sandraglass enriches with its unique illustrations. LCD graphic glass can be used as a presentation board or for limiting the force of the Sun and the visibility from the outside. This material is more adapted to the inside because of its low-resistance to freezing. How long does the colour last on the graphic glass, especially outside? Can the colour be vanished? The Sandraglass products are designed for the inside, however it is possible to have them outside at some condition. Both sides of the graphic glass have to be painted [like in the case of colour-gradient glass] and its surface in contact with the outside has to be smooth and untreated. Due to the UV inks, the colours, so the illustration last longer and the smoothy character allows to be more resistant to the environment. How to clean the graphic glasses?
The graphic glasses are entirely waterproof. Avoid acid and descaling cleaning products and abrasive sponges. Can a Sandraglass illustration be designed on a glass that is already built in? Complex and mixing technics are required to get to the final visual result and some of the working process needs special machines and a dust-proof environment. For these reasons on site work is not possible. Can a personal pattern be applied on a Sandraglass product?
Every personal visual research brought to project works as a source of inspiration and can help to develop a unique concept. Sandraglass focuses hard on finding the best solution to every kind of architec-ture and interior architecture related personal needs. How much time does the final product take to get ready?
From 3 to 6 weeks after mutual agreement of the final product [in terms of production and design]. How much does a Sandraglass product cost?
Prices may vary depending on the type and complexity of the project, on the technics used and on the characteristic of the location. You can find our starting prices under the Information/Fees menu. Our prices include the consultation of your project, the design and 3 graphic glass samples. They do not include production related fees. Eventual additional costs are: 1. As part of the production: row material prices [glass, metal] production drawing, technical management 2. As part of the installation process: inventory making, transport, joining, isolation, electrical work. What does the patterned and structured glass mean?
The patterned and structured glasses are industrial row materials that reflect the light in a particular way due to their irregular [geometrical and organic] shapes on their surfaces. Sandraglass uses these specific types of glasses to create uncommon visual effect. They are available painted or covered with a mirror layer.

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